On June 5th, Cathy’s mom dropped Cathy into this bright beautiful world. This year, at midnight, we drop our new Rêver Pride edition. A percentage of the proceeds from the pedal will go to the Trevor Project which is dedicated to saving young LGBTQ lives. We are so happy we to contribute to something that reflects our values of inclusion and love.

Pride Rêver

Pride Rêver


Datachoir played it’s first NYC show at the Mercury Lounge. We played a five-song half-hour set, featuring our songs Old Man, Myth, Monster, Pretty Face, and Family Tree. Many thanks to our friends at Run River North, who sold out the show and gave us the dance party of our lives with their fresh as heck set and vampy keys. Hallelujah for their full length “Monsters Calling Home Volume 1”!

Datachoir band photo

Datachoir band photo


Artist, creative director and our dear friend Hannah Stouffer designed our new t-shirts to accompany our Spring Rêver launch, testifying to the lushness and kindness that Spring brings us. And what we found in her incredible typeface is part Annihlation, part vacation. Check them out for sale, and also take a peek at the shirt rocked by Jimmy and Leigho

Datachoir Summer Merch

Datachoir Summer Merch


At first blush of the winter - we love it. But then we are trying not to lose our marble around month two or three during the short and somewhat dark/grey days. So we celebrated the advent of Spring with a splash of what it means to us - refreshing neon on top of familiar silhouettes. We introduced our Spring Breaker Rêver as a limited run along with some wicked smart collabs to match!

Our friend Sarah Enid Hagey edited our Spring Breakers video into the brilliant thing it is, if neon friends who ransom your attention is your thing. Congrats to Sarah for her recent Emmy-award winning work editing the Anthony Bourdain series “Parts Unknown: Little Los Angeles”.

Cathy and Pete - Spring Rêvers

Cathy and Pete - Spring Rêvers


Mark White and Cathy developed a table of cherry plywood table with custom machined metal parts. This table has been fashioned specifically to hold small to mid-size keyboards and pedal configs. It goes on top of a keyboard stand and provides a lightweight but sturdy flat surface to lay out your tonal maps.

Datachoir foldable table top

Datachoir foldable table top


Miranda July has a collaboration with Uniqlo which features her conceptual art on a variety of t-shirts. Summer contributed a classical piece to the commercials, one classical piece, called “Butterflies March”, and a new wave piece called “Cellular” that emanated out of a cell phone.

Miranda July for UNIQLO

Miranda July for UNIQLO


For Throwback Thursday we want to share the highly lauded work of our dear friend and talented writer Marisa Meltzer . She wrote: An Ode to the Punk House, which reminisced about the old punk scenes we frequented as young adults in Santa Cruz, CA. Everything she wrote about - DIY Art! Hippie-Foods! Thrifty Fashions! And Shows - were such a formidable part of our creative lives growing up. Summer contributed a few memories to the write-up, and you can see how we barely brushed elbows before we knew each other.

And now here is 18 year old punk-ass Summer showing you what a house show looked like in 1994.

My favorite song starts at 3:27 - c.


Cathy went to work in Vancouver. And had a layover in Montreal. The layover turned into a wayyyy missed connection due to weather circumstances and maybe a customs station that had neon lighting like a 7-11. Took her a long time to get home, almost as long as Jason’s journey with the Golden Fleece. But. Cathy got to hang with Scott Monk, of Montreal Assembly, whom we have dubbed The Margiela of pedals. And they had a good old time at the Shoppe.

- s


Our friend Eric, who heads up Landscape FM pedals and invariably makes us laugh with his Lewis Carroll jokes, designed this amazing invention for Dona Arca in Paris. Wow wow wow congrats Eric.

- s


We opened pre-orders for Rêver. It worked out pretty well. Thank you so much for your support. We will continue to offer pre-orders intermittently, but please note the extended wait times. We will close orders as we feel is necessary to get production all caught up. Our Oklahomies have to fuel up and take rest and unfortunately due to crazy weather patterns, they have to shovel snow these days.

- c+s


Stefan from the Pedal Zone demos the Rêver here. This is a thorough tour. Thank you Stefan - so appreciative that you did this.


We went live and announced our next sale. We had so much fun with our viewers. We were messing around with the Moog Sirin. When midnight hit the sale went live. And we both cried when it sold out in a few minutes.

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 9.00.05 PM.png


Our friend Helen is a fashion designer with a ruthless work ethic. Check out her show, which happened on this day, here. We are gaga for the prints and the re-imagined necklaces.

- s


Old Blood Noise put up their Rever video. yassss.


Read the Deli’s writeup on Rêver here. Thank you Deli Magazine!



Cathy went to NAMM to meet up with our amazing friends from Old Blood Noise. We have been working to develop our Rêver launch which is imminent. We are so grateful to get to do this with them - see Brady Smith’s interview with The Pedal Zone here. Brady why do you kick ass so much? Always inspired by you. We thank Stefan from the Pedal Zone for being so kind and articulate on this interview, we wish we could approach life as you do. The gathering of your thoughts is truly a lovely thing.

- s


If you could, would you eat the same lunch every day? Just food for thought waka waka waka.

- s


The government is shut down. The most vulnerable are affected. One of us works for the government. We don’t know when it will open again. But we had hope in this peculiar time. And, we had the opportunity to bathe in music every day. Long days. We worked the heck out of our discipline. Besides we already know what 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should look like - at least according to our mind’s eye. We saw it once and we will see it again.

- s


Happy New Year! We were working our butts off on a project while we watched the ball drop. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Anderson Cooper with wet hair which made him look even smarter. He presented with Andy Cohen and we looked up all the salacious details about that that we could like the good Americans we are. We also went to Shake Shack. Our hearts were filled with gratitude and love. Cathy’s mom texted us with a million emojis. Just like her daughter! Don’t look up a million emojis.

- s



Our friend and drummer Tomkat has been working on his own pedals. See one of his sick circuit boards here. What the heck. How do you even do that. How lucky did we get to play with someone who knows fx backwards and forwards.

- s


Happy holidays! We got an OP-Z last week and can’t stop messing with it. Now the instrument is inexorably tied to the holidays in our mind. Our rad friend Scott said that it has a special tie-fighter button. Astonished we see to this day he is correct. Scott is like that. Right about a lot of things. Happy holidays Scott. Don’t put habanero sauce on our OP-Z.

- s


Aaron Sternke demo’d the Rever pedal! It is wonderful - thank you so much, Aaron.


We went up north to Art Farm to give our girl Cheeseburger some time in her happy place. So great to see her go off leash - it is like she is always smiling when she does.

- s


A Bunch of Pedals demos the Rêver here. Thank you so much - we loved this!


O’er yonder, it is winter now. Even the West coast is cold. We had to book our flights home. We wait for our holiday catalogs to show up so we can laugh out loud, or at least half laugh as the weather barrels down. The first month is fine. It is the second and third that make us thirst for the light. Maybe we just need to be more proactive. LOL. :/

- s


Summer snuck off to see Thom Yorke all by herself so she could get as close as possible to one of her personal icons. The weather was wretched, which added another fun element to the moody mission. A GA ticket was bought and a laugh was had when the crowd was observed as being unaggressive and demure. Thom remains faithful to his Yohji-Yamamoto-ish boparoo affection ball look. In fact the similarities were more present than ever before. There was the sickest light show, and the set-up was next- level. It looked like an Apple Store 20 years from now - three white 2010 A Space Odyssey “welcome deskswith signal chains. Thom performed apparently with his whole soul. His face goes through so many emotions with every word and he seems to not be afraid of anything by making himself vulnerable. Woahhhh mind blown by Thom, again.

- s


Previously speaking… we mentioned that a lucky subscriber would get one of everything from our Merch Shop. That day arrived on a Saturday. Tomkat came over for a visit to help us pick our winner. As it turned out, our winner had less than a half of a percent chance of winning. (1 out of 241 entrants). And they were from Australia! We have heard all kinds of interesting things about Australia, and Summer is excited the winner is from there because she likes Tame Impala, but that is like saying you like Canada if you like Arcade Fire, or you like America because you like Johnny Cash. Is there anything wrong with that, no, it is just kind of annoying for the person who is there. So we are are sorry but we hope you love our pedal. xx

- c+s


Welcome to Datachoir. There are two things we want to announce that are very exciting for us. This morning we released our EP Merci on Bandcamp and today we are opening our merch shop. To kick this off, we are launching a collaboration we worked on with our dear friends at Old Blood Noise Endeavors. Below is the trusty Old Blood launch video experience you all know and love. We hope you will enjoy it. — c + s

Artwork by  VIZIE

Artwork by VIZIE


Today was a big day. We just announced our first 3 songs on Bandcamp. We announced the  launch of our Website and Merchandise shop. To celebrate our first release of music we have teamed up with our heroes at Old Blood Noise Endeavors to make a pedal and shirt. This project has not only been something we’ve dreamed about but it also reflects our mutual admiration and influence we have had on each other. These guys are making something very cool in Oklohama, something very USA as we know and understand, and every single member of the personnel is a stunning original. Visit our shop page for more details. — s



Discovering a new appreciation for desktop publishing today. We must have written this out 14 times. Thanks to 27 errors. — c



Today we went to Soho to take more footage for our launch video. We deeply appreciated the doorman and security guards on the premises where we shot. It was a very special NYC day outside. — s


This morning Summer went to work at the Financial District and Cathy took video footage on the commute for our launch video. Thursdays at 7:30am from Brooklyn to the City are notoriously crowded. Cathy inadvertently experienced a great shoe study. — s


Monster mash. Today, we saw both an 900 pound elephant and an 800 pound gorilla in the room. Eventually they shook hands and as soon as they did they turned into a very polite minotaur. — s


Our friends in Category Mistakes invited us out to Asbury Park, NJ, for a show. They showed us a new songwriting technique of wrapping a song in a dream coming down off a mountaintop. Tom Kogut is not only a master craftsman of art objects. He plays sick drums too. He joined our first live performance, our set was a 1/2 hour and contained five songs. We learned a lot about continuity between song switches. We saw Scott Engel from Russo Music in the audience. We asked him to heckle us to get us in the Cato practice, and he apparently politely declined. It was a wonderful evening with good people and a WHOLE lot of good gear. — s


First show!

Hopefully not our last.

Tom Kogut, Dominic Nicosia, John Beyer, Michael Nicosia, Daniel Wyche and Nick Millevoi. Summer Mastous, Cathy Begien, Justin Hock and Cliff Johnson.

Tom Kogut, Dominic Nicosia, John Beyer, Michael Nicosia, Daniel Wyche and Nick Millevoi. Summer Mastous, Cathy Begien, Justin Hock and Cliff Johnson.