We create music, noise, and sound, to generate suitable filters for filterless thoughts. We are delighted to share our work and imagination with you - so thank you for visiting our site and please come back again and again. Hello, hello, hello…

Yours truly,

Cathy and Summer



Cathy Begien is a self-professed dilettante with a love for electric guitar and effect pedals - which she inherited from her gothic clad college roommate in Santa Cruz, CA. Said roommate formulated her education around shoegaze and the quiet murmurings of slow core. Years later she learned how to pick up a camera while tagging along with a band of San Francisco film students. Those adventures and a move to New York have molded into the current body of work before you.



Summer Mastous is a classically trained pianist who grew up listening to shoegaze by the Pacific Ocean. Then she came to the East Coast and learned how to face north and have the water to the right of her instead of the left. Textures became a little different and different sound waves abounded. Now, Brooklyn begot Datachoir, and it feels quite like a watershed poured over a cornerstone.


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